Design 4 Recycling

In the design phase it is hugely important to know the difficulties that recyclers have and how their work can be improved by better design. A good “Design-4-Recycling” will improve the recyclability of materials used.

MGG Polymers is partner in the European funded research Project Poly-CE (link ) in which recommendations were developed for this purpose and summarised in a manual for designers. 


Some of the findings are summarised as follows:

  • Keep injection moulded parts reasonable in size so that they do not get lost in the recycling process.
  • Make sure that the thickness of the material is > 1 mm
  • Per design try to reduce the number of polymers to a minimum
  • Do not use exotic polymer types, but stick to the standard polymertypes
  • Use halogen free polymers
  • Use thermoplastics instead of elastomers and thermosets in foams.
  • Use rubber in a solid and bulky form and do not use silicon or foamed rubbers
  • Avoid connecting parts permanently - mechanical fixation with moderate forces are preferred
  • Choose virgin material for transparent or otherwise demanding parts.

MGG Polymers happily receives designers for an in-depth exchange of thoughts on issues like Design-4-Recycling.