Leading experience in separation technology

The separation processes of MGG Polymers are revolutionary for the effective recovery of the most varied plastic types from the complex mix of E-Waste plastics (e.g. small and large electrical equipment, household appliances, displays, fridges etc).

The innovation: Mixed plastic waste is cleaned of contaminants  in a fully automatic process and then separated according to polymer-specific requirements.  The sorted regrind is then extruded into high-quality Post-Consumer recycled plastic granules.

MGG Polymers Technologie

Nature is our working model: We transform, recycle and ensure that plastics can reintroduced in the original value chain in which they can be used for the production of new high-quality durable products and components.

Recycling at its best: Producing with renewable energy, MGG Polymers save the equivalent of some 1 000 MT of CO2 per employee per year by recycling tech-polymers, keeping these tech-polymers in use for the original applications.

High-tech solutions for high-end quality

Transparent and documented: MGG Polymers continuosly record quality-related information during each processing step in compliance with ISO 9000, ISO 14001, Cenelec EN 50625 and EuCertPlast.

MGG Polymers internal testing laboratory has the latest technology for the analyses of new material streams, process controls, inspection of Incoming goods and final product testing on rheologic, chemical and physical parameters. The Quality assurance experts work around the Clock in three shifts, conducting prompt and timely tests to ensure the high quality of our products and keeping retained samples and batch control data for its high-tech customers.