Global leader in separation technology

We have developed a revolutionary process for the economically effective recovery of the most varied plastic types and processing qualities from waste streams rich in Plastics (e.g. electrical equipment, household appliances and end-of-life vehicles).

The innovation: Mixed plastic waste is isolated from foreign materials in a fully automated process, separated according to type and quality and then processed to create high-quality granules.

Nature is our working model: We transform, recycle and ensure that plastics are reintroduced to the primary cycle to be used  in the production of new high-quality products and components.

An international pinoeer: We can therefore talk of genuine recycling of plastics – an advance  that benefits the environment and everybody involved.

MGG Polymers Technologie

High-tech solutions for high-end quality

Transparent and documented: We continuosly record quality-related information during each processing step in compliance with ISO 9000 and ISO 14001,

Our testing laboratory has the latest technology for analysing new material streams, inspecting Incoming goods and product testing throughout the entire production process. Our Quality assurance experts work around the Clock in three shifts, conducting prompt and timely tests to ensure the high quality of our products.

Laboratory Equipment:

Testing rheological properties:

  • MFR Units

Testing mechanical properties

  • Tensile testing unit
  • Pendulum

Plastics identification:

  • Near Infrared spektrometer
  • Density Evaluation

Analyses of the material moisture:

  • Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Analyses of Color and Gloss

  • Spectrophotometer

Analyses of heavy metals and non-metals of plastic granules

  • X-Spectrophotometer


  • 350 kN Injection molding machine with test specimen tool