Design with PCR Polymers

 PCR Polymers are polymers that have a history and they therefore have some characteristics that the users of these plastics have to be aware of. PCR materials can be used as drop in replacement of virgin material in most cases, however there are a number of recommendations that are important to be aware of when designing products with PCR polymers. 
PCR plastics have legacy substances and MGG Polymers has the technology to produce PCR plastics that are both REACH and RoHS compliant. However, no separation process is capable to reduce any legacy substance to zero. Designers and OEMs are requested to set thresholds for legacy substances at levels that are prescribed by law. Any stronger thresholds might rule out PCR polymers. 

With regards to the surface, it is always slightly easier to work with slightly structured surfaces instead of glossy ones, although with MGG Polymers applications have been made with perfect glossy surfaces. With regards to colours, recycled material has certain limitations and therefore no bright colours should be expected from any PCR polymer. 

With regards to moulding tools it is always good to choose geometries with easy flow paths. It can also be recommended to have more than one injection points and lastly it is important to have enough venting points. 
Lastly it is often good to consider the fact that PCR plastics have had a heat history by setting slightly lower than usual processing temperatures. 
MGG Polymers is happy to share experience with designers and engineers that are confronted with questions like these.