Maximilian Hager is second managing director!

The plastics recycling company MGG Polymers in Kematen an der Ybbs is looking forward to an innovative future. In order to be well prepared for the tasks ahead, the management of the company has again been strengthened with a second managing director. Maximilian Hager, who comes from Weyer, took up his duties on 3 July.

Since the beginning of July, Maximilian Hager, who has a degree in business administration, has been working alongside Günther Höggerl as the second Managing Director of MGG Polymers. Hager has 30 years of management experience in the banking sector and first came into contact with MGG Polymers 19 years ago in the course of his former job. Since then, he has worked intensively with the recycling pioneers as a commercial account manager.

For quite some time, the father of four children had been thinking about a career change. The desire to do something meaningful, something „completely different“, became more and more concrete and finally led him to retire from the banking business at the beginning of this year - on good terms. It was not long before the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group made him an offer to join MGG Polymers as second managing director, which he immediately accepted.


Dual leadership is the norm at Austrian MGG companies.

For MGG-CEO Christian Müller-Guttenbrunn, this is a correct and important step: „I am glad to have Maximilian Hager on board, a proven financial expert who knows our companies for many years. In addition, we wanted to engage a second managing director at Polymers again, since all our Austrian companies are run by two managing directors.“

This dual leadership philosophy had also been followed at Polymers with Günther Höggerl and Chris Slijkhuis from 2019 until Slijkhuis' retirement in May 2021. Since then, the second managing director had been vacant.

„With Maximilian Hager's commitment, we are perfectly positioned for the upcoming expansions. We have a lot planned, the market is constantly on the move and our goals until 2030 are extremely ambitious. I have known Max Hager for a very long time and look forward to working with him. The two core topics of finance and human resources are in good hands with him,“ says Höggerl, looking optimistically to the future.

Höggerl, who has a degree in plastics engineering, can now once again focus more on technical agendas and sales, while Maximilian Hager formulates clear goals for his areas: „Of course, I first have to become acquainted with the topics of the company. One of my first goals will be to strategically position the staff in an optimal way with regard to the planned further expansion steps. And in the future, I would like to make a contribution with my work at MGG Polymers to further promote the exemplary function of this company in the area of „resource-saving, sustainable management and environmental protection“. Above all, it is a great wish of mine to introduce our young people to the idea of sustainability in dealing with raw materials.“