MGG Polymers at FAKUMA 2021: In the spirit of sustainability

MGG Polymers Fakuma 21-11.jpg

The international trade fair for plastics processing in Friedrichshafen attracted almost 1,500 exhibitors - including MGG Polymers. As a pioneer in plastics recycling, many existing and potential customers found their way to our booth, clearly showing that sustainability issues are now on the top of the agenda.

It was an enthusiastic re-start in mid-October in Friedrichshafen at this year's FAKUMA, the international trade fair for plastics processing. No wonder, since it was the first major international presence event for the plastics industry since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. 1,470 exhibitors from 39 countries presented the latest in injection moulding, extrusion technology, thermoforming, 3D printing - and of course plastics recycling - on 85,000 square metres of exhibition floor space. After all, the most frequently used buzzwords were sustainability, circular economy and recycling. So, the recycling pioneers from MGG Polymers were not allowed to be missed!

MGG Polymers amongst “Top 100”

"Of course, the topic setting at this important trade fair was ideal for us", reports Darko Huskic, one of MGG Polymers' sales managers who took care of interested visitors for the whole fair. The realignment of MGG Polymers strategy almost two years ago with an even stronger focus on sustainability turned out to be perfect again. Recognizing these efforts, the Austrian company was named as one of the top 100 innovators in the recycling world by the "Recycling International" magazine in advance of the fair. This visibility together with an enormous interest in post-consumer recycled plastics made our completely new designed and refreshed booth to one of the real hotspots at the FAKUMA. 

Positive feedback

“Our refreshed stand was very well received by visitors. We presented the connections in an easy-to-understand way and, of course, increased our focus on sustainability” explains Huskic.

A total of eight MGG Polymers representatives met with numerous interested parties during the five days of the fair. Darko Huskic was particularly impressed by the positive feedback from customers: "One of the main reasons is clearly stability – not only in quality, but also in pricing. It was well appreciated that we were able to offer constant price levels not only last year but also in 2021. Many other plastics suppliers had very fluctuating prices, which is of course not welcome to customers."

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A recurring topic in discussions at FAKUMA was the CO2 footprint (carbon footprint). "We talked a lot about this topic with interested visitors," describes Darko Huskic. "I'm convinced that in less than five years, proof of a carbon footprint will be an absolute must for every product and every company.

Plans for the next FAKUMA

It won't be that long until the next FAKUMA will take place in October 2023. The MGG Polymers sales team already has a few ideas and visions for this, according to Darko Huskic: "We have made improvements in separation and sorting and will present a few new types in 2023. Additionally, we are also in preparation to have a reporting system available in 2023 which documents our efforts in the area of sustainability.