My name is Polymers. MGG Polymers.

When looking for employees, the company in Kematen relies on the well-known movie character James Bond. With five short videos in the style of the agent´s adventures, the sustainable activities of the plastics recycler are brought closer to potential applicants and the image of MGG Polymers is positively charged.   

Probably one of the biggest challenges for companies in general and in western Lower Austria, where MGG Polymers is based, is currently the issue of personnel. Getting and keeping good, loyal and committed employees has always been essential for the success of a company. But the issue is more challenging than ever before. A de facto full employment in the region intensifies the struggle for suitable team members, as many companies are looking for employees.

How it all started... 

Since MGG Polymers implemented a shift change about a year ago, more employees had to be recruited quickly. „Already in previous years, we were repeatedly faced with the challenge of finding suitable employees. In the process, we were constantly confronted with the issue that many people in our region don't know MGG Polymers. And I'm not even talking about the fact that people know what our company does. That's why we decided to invest in our image in the long term and position ourselves more strongly as an employer,“ says Polymers Managing Director Günther Höggerl, explaining the reasons for initiating an employer branding campaign.

Employer branding - what is it?

„Employer branding“ refers to corporate strategy measures that present the company as an attractive employer. The aim is both to attract new applicants and to strengthen the bond with existing employees. In contrast to recruiting, which is primarily about quickly acquiring employees, employer branding focuses on the long-term image approach.

After some analysis, strategic preparation and conception, the starting signal was given for MGG Polymers' employer branding campaign entitled „With a licence to recycle“ at the beginning of 2023. The aim of the campaign is to present the company as a modern employer in the region and thus, on the one hand, to be attractive to existing and potential future employees and, on the other hand, to be perceived as a high-tech recycling company. 

Isabella Mayerhofer, Armin Delic and Karin Großbichler already have the licence to recycle.

„Put simply, it is about explaining to the people in the region that we exist, who we are and what we do,“ specifies Höggerl. And so, together with the Amstetten advertising-agency ...und Punkt, they developed a campaign idea that generates as much attention as possible and presents MGG Polymers as a cool, modern and sustainable recycling company.

With a licence to recycle.

When thinking about sustainability, recycling and environmental protection, few people would have thought of James Bond first. On closer inspection, however, the comparison is extremely apt: the employees of MGG Polymers work for a better environment and save our world, so to speak, through their activities in the circular economy. So you could say they are secret agents in the service of the environment, who don't push themselves to the fore, but simply tackle and do what is necessary. In doing so, they rely on the latest technologies - similar to 007, who is always equipped with modern technical gimmicks. Günther Höggerl: „When the concept was first presented to me, I was not immediately convinced. However - we had asked the agency...und Punkt to develop something special - and after some reflection I was soon able to identify with the idea. Because, like the movie character Bond, we are also almost unique in what we do - and how we do it. So why not be an „agent“ for a special cause? I was finally convinced by the positive reactions of some of our employees, who immediately liked the idea.“

Plastic granules - shaken, not stirred.

Facebook, LinkedIn and print media.

The focus of the campaign is in online marketing: Thus, in addition to the website, a separate Facebook page was created in order to reach as many people as possible as easily as possible by means of social media campaigns and to present MGG Polymers. „We shot five short clips that we play out via various social media channels. The clips are really something to see and, in addition to the main message, always make you smile a little. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees involved for their enthusiasm,“ says Barbara Moser, who is supervising the project internally. The advertising measures are rounded off by advertisements in the regional community newspapers.

A look behind the scenes: Our „secret agents“ had a lot of fun during the video shoot.
The faces of the campaign: Armin Delic, Karin Großbichler, Ewald Mock and Isabella Mayerhofer.

Here you can find our videos of the employer branding campaign on our Youtube channel.