New names and products

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MGG Polymers' product range is not only constantly growing, but will also bear new names from 1 February 2021!  The PCR plastics pioneer is thus completing its repositioning on the market.

Many things should and must become greener - including the manufacture of electronic products. For this reason, the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics is becoming increasingly popular and important. With an eye on the big picture, MGG Polymers therefore began almost a year ago to completely reposition the company on the international market as a manufacturer of "green" post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.  

The sales and marketing team was strengthened with experienced staff. Darko Huskic - experienced in the sector of electrical appliances - joined our sales team as Sales Manager on 1 January and together with his colleague José-Maria Barraca he continues to work on the implementation of our motto "From supply chain to supply cycle for plastics from WEEE". Long-time colleague Barbara Moser actively supports the sales team and also takes over the marketing agendas.

"We want to set the benchmark!"

The company's demands on itself remain high, as the two managing directors Chris Slijkhuis and Günther Höggerl explain: "With 15 years of experience in recycling plastics from end-of-life electrical and electronic products, we want to continue to be pioneers and set benchmarks." To achieve this, they are turning many small screws: among other things, new certifications (UL, EUCertPlast, etc.), new separation technologies, new and further development of the products.  A number of new PP, PC/ABS and PS plastics are proof of the constant innovative strength at MGG Polymers.  

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Modern systematics

Another important step on this path is now a new, modern nomenclature for the entire product range. The new product names will provide producers with important information at a glance: polymer group, basic classification, melt flow rate, toughness, additives and colour can be read directly from the names.

1 February 2021 has been chosen as the introduction date for the new product names. The changeover of the nomenclature of all products is a major task and was therefore carefully planned: In order to enable a smooth transition from the names used so far, a hybrid name consisting of the old and new name will initially be used during a transition period of approx. 6 months. In addition, the previous name will continue to be used in brackets on all documents to give customers the necessary security during the changeover phase. "It is important to note - the name change has no influence on existing article numbers and product characteristics, these of course remain unchanged," Slijkhuis and Höggerl emphasise.

From supply chain to supply cycle for WEEE plastics.

Incidentally, the previous naming convention for the products dates back to the early days of MGG Polymers in Kematen. "At that time, I didn't think that the nomenclature created then would last so long," says Günther Höggerl, who played a leading role at the time, it surprised himself. With the newly chosen naming system, the repositioning is now to be completed - and thus a further step in the process of converting the supply chain to a supply cycle for plastics from WEEE. 

Hence another step towards a "greener" world.