Plastics Recycling Award goes again to a MGG Polymers partner!

With recycled plastic from MGG Polymers to victory: The Gardena EcoLine was named the winner in the category „Household and Leisure Product“ at the „Plastics Recycling Show Europe“ (PRSE) 2023. That's what you call real, sustainable gardening!

Among many other trade fairs and events, the „Plastics Recycling Show Europe“ (PRSE), which takes place regularly in Amsterdam, is one of the annual highlights for the MGG Polymers sales team. This year, the show, which ranks top internationally with 320 exhibitors, took place on 10 and 11 May. Professionals from all over the world came together to share the latest innovations and trends in plastics recycling and the sustainable use of plastics. 

This year MGG Polymers presented itself again with its own booth at the PRSE 2023 in Amsterdam.

Recycling: innovations and trends 

A novelty of this year's PRSE was that the exhibition and event space was extended from one to two halls. This is an indication that sustainable plastics recycling is moving more and more into the global focus. „The trend is clearly towards the increased use of recycled plastics,“ confirms Darko Huskic, Sales Manager of MGG Polymers. „There were many innovations in this year's award finalists, for example, recycled plastics in refrigerators or in toys. Also, machine manufacturers stood out with innovations. More attention is being paid to the specific requirements of processing recycled plastics. It is noticeable that all well-known manufacturers are interested in offering special product lines for the processing of recycled materials. In addition to the presentation of our latest product developments, sales talks were also on the agenda at PRSE. This year, the focus was increasingly on regrind, a preliminary stage of our final granulates,“ says Huskic

„Plastics Recycling Award Europe 2023“: Gardena wins one of the coveted prizes with material from MGG Polymers

This year's highlight in Amsterdam, however, was undisputedly Gardena’s „Plastics Recycling Award Europe“ in the category „Household and Leisure Products“. „The award-winning EcoLine products are manufactured by our customer Gardena using recycled plastic from MGG Polymers,“ MGG Polymers Managing Director Günther Höggerl said proudly. „Consumers are increasingly being offered the opportunity to switch to products made from recycled plastics. The Gardena EcoLine now makes this possible for gardening too!“.

This thought was also decisive for the jury in presenting the award to Gardena - powered by MGG Polymers: „These high-quality garden tools made from recycled materials give a new meaning to sustainability in the garden,“ they concluded. „In the six years that these awards have been running, it has been very gratifying to follow the progress being made in recycling plastics for high quality everyday branded products,“ said Matt Barer, Global Events Director of PRS Europe. 

The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe recognize achievements across the European plastics recycling industry. The awards provide an insight into current developments in the use of recycled materials, product design and innovative manufacturing. The finalists for 2023 were exhibited in a special area at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe in May at the RAI in Amsterdam. The lucky winners were announced at the awards ceremony during the event.

MGG Polymers Managing Director Günther Höggerl (left) and Sales Manager Darko Huskic with the Plastics Recycling Award 2023, which was won by Polymers' customer Gardena in the category „household and leisure products“.
MGG-Polymers_PRSE-2023-Award_2 .jpg
Markus Maag, Michael Boncol and Philipp Schlumberger from Gardena GmbH are happy about the PRSE Award together with Darko Huskic and Peter Stiftinger.
This is how real „sustainable gardening“ works. And it is with the Gardena EcoLine, which is produced from recycled plastics from MGG Polymers. Among the products made from recyclate are a mobile irrigation system, small tools and garden shears.

Sustainable gardening with the Gardena EcoLine 

The Gardena EcoLine was developed sustainably and impresses with its uncompromising quality, long durability, attractive design and maximum ease of use. This commitment has already been rewarded with the German Sustainability Award Design 2022 and the award from the state of Baden-Württemberg as a positive example of resource efficiency. On the one hand, the range consists of hand tools such as weed cutters, garden shears, joint scrapers or flower trowels, but also has systems for sustainable garden irrigation with watering sprayers and square sprinklers.

„The cooperation with Gardena is so important for MGG Polymers because the requirements are high. The products are subjected to tough tests, involving extreme temperatures, strong UV radiation, high humidity and much more. We are proud that our plastics meet these requirements,“ Sales Manager Huskic reports. With the introduction of the Gardena EcoLine, a real milestone in the sustainability strategy was reached. At least 65 percent recycled material is used in the plastic parts of every product.

Triple success for MGG Polymers at the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

The award for Gardena is not the first award in Amsterdam that was won in cooperation with MGG Polymers. In 2021, Deutsche Telekom AG's „Speed Home WLAN“ (consists of almost 100% recycled PCABS) won an award in the category „Automotive, Electrical and Electronic Product“. (see NEWS article of 17 November 2021). The jury praised the device as an excellent example of circular use of plastics. A year earlier, in 2020, the new Philips coffee machine took the prize in the same category. (see NEWS article of 11 December 2020). „We have already seen with other products that an environmentally conscious design and its implementation can be realized with PCR plastics without any disadvantages,“ said Chris Slijkhuis, former Managing Director of MGG Polymers, expressing his delight at the award.

PRSE 2024: What does next year's show have in store?

With so much success in recent years, the question naturally arises: what will bring 2024? The fact is that next PRSE will again take place on 19 and 20 June 2024 in Amsterdam. It is also a fact that MGG Polymers will present itself in the best possible way. „We have launched several product innovations this year (e.g. PCR polypropylene with fillers), which are currently in the process of finding their way into the final products of our customers. The chances of another victory, in cooperation with one of our customers, are therefore also given in the future,“ Darko Huskic concludes.