On 17 June, this year's MGG Cart Trophy took place at the ÖAMTC Wachauring near Melk. Despite adverse weather conditions, eight teams from four countries fought for victory. The top spot on the podium was secured by Team Metran 1.

MGG_Kartfahren_2023_ 298_neu.jpg
A rain battle par excellence. Everything was demanded of the drivers in the pouring rain. Highest concentration and courage were required.

The race day started perfectly. In bright sunshine, the drivers from four nations - all employees of the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group - completed the test run as well as the qualifying. But after lunch, dark rain clouds began to gather. When it got serious for the teams and they went to the start, torrential rain set in, which accompanied the approximately 50 participants until the end of the race. In order to offer a little protection from the water masses, the ÖAMTC kindly provided rainwear.

However, the wet weather could not affect the good mood and motivation of the riders. A turbulent and eventful race took its course. Fogged visors, rain-induced slips and spectacular spins characterised the action.

The winner of the rain battle at the Wachauring was finally the Metran 1 team - then again in bright sunshine - but the winners were everyone - on and around the race track. In a good mood and sensationally motivated, they stood up to the rain and made the day a perfect event.

CEO Christian Müller-Guttenbrunn was also highly motivated at the wheel of one of the racing cars. „It was really a challenge to compete in these weather conditions. Respect to all my fellow competitors who made this race an unforgettable experience. Despite a few rain-related slips, thank goodness everyone remained unhurt!“

The good mood on the course was certainly also due to the culinary care of all participants. In the morning there was coffee and pastries, and at lunchtime the restaurant „Gastwerk“ served a warm buffet directly at the race track and thus provided for the physical well-being.

MGG_Kartfahren_2023_ 233_neu.jpg
The Wachauring in all its glory. During the counter breaks one could also enjoy the great panorama.
MGG_Kartfahren_2023_ 455_neu.jpg
Proudly all participants pose for a group photo after the award ceremony. On the whole it was a turbulent race without any injuries.

At the end of the day, the award ceremony was on the agenda. The teams in first, second and third place were honoured with a trophy, and all other participants received a medal. 

A successful event ended as it began: with lots of fun and happiness... and a strengthened sense of unity. Last but not least, a big thank you to Alexandra Müller-Guttenbrunn for the perfect organisation.